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Our Process

Inventory Parts

ALL Auto, Marine, Motorcycle, Industrial, Comm, Home Parts are Inventoried before Powder Coating

Upon arrival we take pictures of ALL your parts! Big, small, nuts, bolts, even washers, are all logged into inventory, so nothing gets lost!

Degrease, Wash, Media Blast

All Parts are Degreased, Hot Water Power Washed then Media Blasted with Aluminum Oxide or Glass Bead

We use Environmentally Safe, Simple Green products, along with Hot Water Pressure Washers to thoroughly degrease/clean all your parts. 

We then Media/Abrasive Blast in one of our Pressure Blasters or in our 20ft Blast Room before powder coating. 

"Pressure Blasters" can be adjusted precisely, allowing us to do ANY thin or thick gauge metal without disfiguring any of your parts. 

High Temp Mask, Prep

All Parts are Sanded if Necessary, Phosphate Washed, Masked with High Temp Tape and Plugged

After Media/Abrasive Blasting, All Parts are Sanded if Necessary, Phosphate Washed, Masked with High Temp Tape and/or Plugged before our Powder Coating Process.

Powder Application

powder coating near me, wheels, harleys, motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, fences, gates.

 The most common way of applying the powder coating to metal objects is to spray the powder using an electrostatic coating gun. Our Gema Optiflex guns give a positive electric charge to the powder, which is then sprayed towards the grounded electrostatic parts using compressed air. With a wide variety of spray nozzles we can accommodate any shape of ANY part and maintain the consistency of the powder. The parts are then heated, and the powder melted into a uniform film, that when cooled forms a hard protective coating. 

Pickup & Delivery

powder coating near me, wheels, harleys, motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, fences, gates.

Powder Pro Powder Coating offers Pickup & Delivery! We have flat deck over trailers or box trucks to accommodate any size job. Send us your job via UPS, Fedex, or any other carrier and our shipping/receiving department will expertly handle and repackage your parts, so you get it back quickly and in excellent condition.

*Pickup/Delivery restrictions apply.





Powder Coated in Hunter Green with our Duplex Powder Coating Process.

Profiler Plaza was dedicated in June 2011 with the unveiling of seven steel pillars that allow visitors to see how the Old Man appeared for eons on the side of Cannon Mountain, some 1,200 feet above the floor of Franconia Notch. 




Bridge Pieces Powder Coated in Vivid Green with our Duplex Powder Coating Process.

Pedestrians and bicycle riders can now cross the Maine Turnpike in Kennebunkport on a new bridge, enabling them to walk or ride the 6.2 miles between Kennebunkport and Biddeford. 




Charcoal Gray & Orange Panels Powder Coated with our Duplex Powder Coating Process.

Plans for the brand's transformation in Boston were revealed at their grand re-opening celebration of the newly remodeled 'Dunkin' restaurant at City Hall Plaza. The City Hall spot is the first of 30 planned to showcase the company's makeover. 

Industrial / Commercial / Manufacture

CNC Machine panels powder coated with a zinc primer base and super durable gloss white powder coat

Our Conveyor Oven makes Powder Pro your one-stop powder coater for quality, timely, and affordable industrial, commercial and manufacturing powder coating service. We offer competitive bids on contracts for large or small powder coating jobs.

Our well-equipped 12,000 square foot facility in New Bedford, MA, is conveniently located near Route 195 for easy on/off access.

Heavy Industrial

Powder Coated ornamental, steel rails.

Up to 3'500 lbs! 

Our 25' X 10' batch oven is large enough to handle almost all your large projects. Car/truck frames, plows, fencing, guard rails, bridges etc.

Powder Pro is your one-stop powder coater for quality, timely, and affordable industrial & manufacturing powder coating service.

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