Driving into Powder Pro

Can't find Powder Pro? Everyone has a hard time finding us! 

Our two-story mill building is hidden by a four-story mill building. So we figured, let's make a video showing exactly how to drive into Powder Pro Powder Coating. 

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Our Crew!

Steve at steve@powder-pro.net  for;

  • Automotive / Motorcycle
  • Powder Coating Wheels
  • Recreational / Hobby
  • Heirlooms / Antique Metals
  • Home & Office Furniture

Mike at mike@powder-pro.net for;

  • Certified Inspection Services 
  • Commercial, Industrial, Marine
  • Architects/Engineering Specifying
  • Duplex Systems (Powder Over Galvanization)

Tony at tony@powder-pro.net for;

  • All of the above

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Powder Pro Powder Coating

194R Riverside Avenue, ( REAR BUILDING ) New Bedford, Massachusetts 02746, United State

👉 Call Us @ (508) 991-5999


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08:00 am – 04:30 pm