Powder Coat Painting: Industrial & Manufacturing Parts

Industrial / commercial (fireboxes, prepped, powdercoat red first, then white)

High capacity industrial powder coating

Powder Pro is your one-stop powder coater for quality, timely, and affordable industrial/manufacturing powder coating applications. We are also prepared to offer competitive bids on government contracts for large or small powder coating jobs.

Since we are a full-service powder coating operation, we can handle your project from pre-treatment through completion and then ship the job back to you. Regardless of the size of your powder coating job, you can be sure it will get our hallmark quality and care at Powder Pro.

Our well-equipped 10,000 square foot facility in New Bedford, MA, is conveniently located near Route 195 for easy access to all of New England, and the rest of the USA.

Send us your job via UPS, Fedex, or any other carrier and our shipping/receiving department will expertly handle and repackage it so you get it back quickly and in excellent condition. Most powder coating jobs average 3-5 days in-shop time; black powder coating usually takes two days.

Our 20-foot batch oven is large enough to handle almost all your large projects like cars, truck frames, plow parts, fencing, etc. Also, for your large or small, multi-part runs we have a 40-foot line oven at our disposal.

For industrial or commercial customers, our Conveyor Oven System is capable of powder coating 100 parts per hour for large jobs!

Here are just some of the examples of industrial / manufacturing / commercial powder coating applications:

  • Industrial fabrications
  • Construction equipment
  • Springs and hinges
  • Railings and fences
  • Lights and lighting fixtures
  • Sinks
  • Electrical components
  • Retail shelves, display racks and store fixtures
  • Metal furniture and filing cabinets
  • Electronic components

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Our Conveyor Oven System can powder coat 100 parts per hour 40 Foot line oven, equipped for industrial and manufacturing powdercoating 40 Foot line oven, equipped for commercial and manufacturing powdercoating 40 Foot line oven, equipped for industrial and commercial powdercoating